The boy wheeled around, drawing his wand instinctively to protect himself only to meet those familiar brown eyes that he loved so much. He lowered his wand relieved that it was only her. Only she could calm him down, alleviate him of all his worries. He studied her, she was breathless and desperate as if she needed to get something off her chest. Her hair was chaotic. Her brown curls sticking out everywhere it had a chance to. Some strands attached to her neck which was beady from all the sweat that had formed around it. Then his eyes met her’s again afraid of what he might see in them, but no he wanted to look at her. Yes, they were those brown eyes, except this time, they weren’t proud like they always were when she was around him. Instead they looked hurt, angry, heartbroken. A scowl formed on her face.

There was only silence. He finally spoke.

“Granger….what are you—”

“I know what you did! I know! You hexed her didn’t you? It was you,” she raised her voice, her body shook with fury, fists balled until her knuckles were white and tears forming blue liquid from her eyes threatening to fall. She seemed to be afraid of what his answer would be.

Silence flew in the room once more. Shock was written on his face. He knew by the look of her reaction that that was what she read off of him.

“Wait, let me explain, I—” His heart dropped. He stepped forward slowly, cautiously, only to see her take two steps back. It was too late, much too late for him to deny it.

“NO! NO! So you did! I can’t believe you! I trusted you…I cared about you…I-I….I loved you….” This time her tears did not fail to fall from her eyes. He watched slowly as a single drop rolled down her cheeks to her jaw and finally deciding to settle on the cold ground.

He met her eyes once more.

“Granger wait, I had a reason to, if you just calm down and let me explain—-“

“Katie, she was—she was innocent! You had no right!” She went on not wanting to let him have a word in. She was in denial. “She could have been seriously hurt!”

“Please, I had to, I didn’t want to….they made me!” He cried.

She took three steps back.

“Hermione, please…just listen,” he pleaded desperately for her to listen to him. For her to understand what he did. Why he did it. He needed to do it, get the job done or else….or else…..

“Coward!!!” She shouted at the top of her lungs.

Before he could reply, she had already left. The sound of her footsteps disappearing with every step. It was done. Draco knew that he wouldn’t be able to be forgiven for this. Hermione was a smart girl and he knew that she deserved better. He was foolish to think that this lie would last. That he could hide this from her. He turned around and looked at himself. He was a fool. He couldn’t even pity himself. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to hold back the tears, but he couldn’t even do that, and that was all he did. She was right, he was a coward. He had no claims to deny it. He cried, wishing he could take back everything, but there was no turning back now. The damage was done. His sobs echoed throughout the bathroom walls. He knew, but he didn’t care. He only thought about how he had just lost the only thing he ever cared about in the world….the only thing he tried to protect, his one true love, gone because of him. At first he thought the guilt was unbearable, but this—this had no words to explain. The pain of losing Hermione Granger.

He went numb.

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