Hermione stared at the love potion in her hands.

“Who would use such childish methods to lure a boy in”, she thought to herself. “It’s complete bollocks…”

Then again, she overheard Lavender talking and giggling amongst her friends about her plan to slip it into Ron’s morning pumpkin juice. She merely ignored it, she thought Lavender was a daft dimbo who had nothing better to do. Although, what if she herself were to use it on someone? Which is impossible of course, Hermione Granger would never be desperate enough to use a love potion to get a boy. Even as a last resort, but the thought crossed her mind. To have a boy become obsessed with her, only think of her, to be in love with her and to be falsely mislead by a potion. Bollocks. She was thinking about who she would use it on when the first boy came to mind. Draco Malfoy’s face appeared in her thoughts. Hermione’s eyes widened and her cheeks flashed a bright pink.

“What? Why did Malfoy pop out in my head? That prat of all people?” she whispered to herself. “I don’t even fancy the git.”

Still gathering her thoughts, she felt a pair of eyes watching her and she stopped. When someone was watching her, she would never miss to catch it. As she looked up it went straight to the window of the shop and bleach blonde hair caught her eye. Out the window was Draco Malfoy staring at her, or it looked like he was looking her way. She looked down at the potion immediately. Merlin, this was a coincidence. She looked up again to prove herself wrong, but he was still there staring in her direction. There wasn’t anyone around her so, who else would he be looking at? She stared at him and they gazed at each other for a long minute before she saw Malfoy smirk. He stared for another moment and she swears she caught him mouth something before walking away.


Her already pink cheeks burned and turned a bright cherry red. What was happening? First the potion thing now her name. She tried her best to deny it, but reading lips was another talent Hermione Granger had. Hermione couldn’t believe it. She looked around hoping no one had seen what had just happened.

She dropped the love potion and walked away. She didn’t need something like that. Hermione hoped that this would be the last time she had an encounter with Malfoy like that.

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